european meetings in Eastern Europe

Belarus: Minsk + Braslaw

In 2003 the International Public Organisation KAJA- EAST in Minsk has detected a beautiful place for summercamps in the north of Belarus. Step by step old farmhouses and the area around them were converted to a meeting place, to a camp area. Thanks to the support of the state farm, who owns the land between the "base-station" and the "out - station" at the banks of a lake many hectars can be used as a sculpture parc . Since 2003 European and national meetings / creative workshops were organized in co-operation with the German sister-organisation KAJA West e.V. and partners from 10 European contries.

Ukraine: Lviv + Tekytscha

Within the context "2006 - twenty years after chernobyl" different art and educational workshops were organized. The focus was put on environment and ernergy. The sculpture -, grafic design - and educational - / intercultural workshops were develloped by the involvement of the international teams.

Russia: Moscov + Nikola-Lenivecs

In co-operation with the renown architecture group Nicola - Lenivecs Handy Crafts from Moscow , organizers of the greatest landscape-architecture festival of Russia = ARCHSTOYANIE, the KAJA - organisation could invite 36 participants from six countries. The workshops got their impulses from the idea : "infinity in Russia"

Lithuania: Vilnius

In 2009 the meeting " european islands - wandering from Belarus to Lithuania" was organized in co-operation with the art students union Vilnius" . One of the projects, the sculpture "european hands" was realized in front of the art academy Vilnius and became a part of  "Vilnius, European culture capital 2009"