c r e a t i v e__w o r k s h o p s

Handicrafts analog and digital – painting, sculpture, installations, architecture, design and performances

Participating in art and architecture as a form of intercultural learning

The creative workshop concepts were develloped by the participants of the european partnergroups and discussed in the frontend of the meetings, during an advance planning visit of the groupleaders  in Minsk and Braslaw.

And also the implementation during the meeting was in the hands of the groups. Each team should lead min. one workshop and invite participants from all other countries to take part. It was always aimed at building european mixed teams and not separated national groups.  

presentation of workshop- proposals

common european installations

all eur. partnergroups were invited to take part. 
1. step: a frame or participation structure / 2. step: filling the structure with individual contributions.
Here documentation of the projects "under construction" , "our scales", "water__wheel + -snake" and "babylon-tower"

eco -art...only local materials, given by the nature, were used

water- art

20 minutes walking we reach the Ukla- lake. In the summer 2011 the european groupes created water sculptures and swimming lakes.

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drawings and common painting projects

public art for Braslaw