C: media group

This group supports all other groups in the creation of image materials, organizes the collection and organization of documentation material (photos / videos) of all participants and the timely delivery of components of common visualizations.

C 1: Presentation / exhibition project: provisional presentation for the conclusion of the meeting. In the follow-up phase Further work / creation of exhibition posters / as a result Project exhibition in Braslaw with evaluation including public participation process.

C 2: Development of a new web
Project presentation ,- after the meeting – on the website www.kajawest.de

C 3: Braslaw – Nature Park „by pencil“.Analogue Camp Diary Book, worked out in pencil and watercolor: individual impressions about the history, landscape, nature and the environment and the meetings of the participants with land and people. How can we get to know the culture and people of the host country as well as the background of the participating groups? Using various media: video and photo camera, pencil and watercolors, scissors and glue.

C 4: Products
C 4.1: Design / sketch projects on paper, colored with markers
C 4.2: Digitization: scanned drafts, creation of project collages with text elements using image editing programs
C 4.3: Project exhibition: joint overarching exhibition concept, design/frame for 90 x 90 cm printouts, ready to print edition of 20 exhibition posters