theory background

What is a participation project, 

what means   „social sculpture“ ?

The organisation´s social principles were derived from the manisfesto of the German artist Joseph Beuys, who was also Bernhard Ahlers´s tutor during his studies at the art academy in Düsseldorf. The KAJA initiatives are an application of Beuys´s principles of art as a social process:“…….. Die modernste Kunstdisziplin Soziale Plastik, Soziale Architektur wird erst dann vollkommener Weise in Erscheinung treten, wenn der letzte lebende Mensch auf dieser Erde zu einem Mitgestalter, ein Plastiker oder Architekten am sozialen Organismus geworden ist…..“ ( Joseph Beuys ) The Plastische Theorie (Theory of creativity) describes the artistic process as a type of metamorphesis from chaos to form and it is the artist that drives this transformation. Beuys described the artist as an Enabler and Mover of this transformation which is described as Plastischer Vorgang . Consequentely does the process receive more attention than the final artifact.

The artist´s role is extended from a former of material to a former of society. Simultaniously the traditional role of art as a mirrow of society is abandoned. The creative process of art is to take an active role in the shaping of society, in the forming of a participatory democracy. Individuals are mobilized to participate in a common project which exhibits a strong social and environmental dimension . The Social Sculpture is the continues process of social creativity, not a static artifact.

The objective is not to promote excellent single artists projects, but to join children and young people in the design process which allowed intercultural learning through the medium of art and  architecture. Everybody should find her/his contribution to the common work !

 first impuls : If participants have to decide,  if they need a common construction, structure or form,  to which they connect their individual contributions, it is recommended to choose elementary neutral objects. By this the chance, that most of the participants will identify themselves with the project, will be better.