evaluation on the move III 2019 in Belarus


European Youth Camp "on the move III"
15.07. - 01.08.2019 in Minsk and Braslaw / Belarus

on the agenda of european teams, regarding the task -list, point 7: evaluation phase from August 19 on


A tasks of organizers KAJA - Org

A 7.1 elaborating certificates such as "Youthpass" and own participation confirmations from KAJA-East Minsk
exemple / fictive participants dates :certificate INO KAJA 1 page ready

A 7.2 Working out of illustrated report for the national EU agency in Germany


B tasks of european partners

B 7.1:  "day by day" reports with the participation of all participants in the course of the meeting with personal impressions. 


B 7.2 Illustrated workshop reports by the workshop leaders

B 7.3 Project poster 90 x 90 cm / 5 posters per team, 30 in total to the results of the workshops