participation concept „under construction“

open process

The projects is process-orientated, the result can not be forseen, because of freedom of participating groups and individuals.“kaja” in russian means: it comes from anywhere , without the connection with a certain content. For example “polskaja” means nothing,  shows only a way, an origin, from which something comes  . “polskaja” means , it comes from Poland , here : a group contribution to the common sculpture. But not only Poland , all eight  countries , who sent participants, are invited to take part.

Process - How ?

 We choose the middle of the sculpture, symbolisising  the middle of Europe – noone owns it , it is an empty space . Now eight decentral groups , 5 meters from the middle – point away , find their start positions  regaring the directions , from which they came to Belarus : Italy from the south, Germany from the west, Poland from northwest, Latvia from the North , Russia from East , Ukraine from East- South . From these positions the groups work, that means develop their group sculpture , without touching  each other . At the end , connections by ropes and “text lines” are possible, for stablisation of the cooperation.

framework + individual contributions

Framework: The contribution should have the character of an open framework, a deconstructivistic construction using quadrat logs in different dimensions, in which individual contributions, painitings on canvas can be integrated. The logs should have a light paint- all colors mixed with white  , mabe in the “national colors” . 

+ one figurative sculpture for each part . To show “under construction”, each group should build a gyps – sculpture of a young artist, who is just in process to build her / his part of the European sculpture. The figurative parts were impulsed by our partnergroup “ROOK” from Latvia.

secret hidden sign

The main European color blue ( not mixed ) , where will we find it ? Go in the middle. Only from this point you see only blue, because all parts of the common sculpture, who are orientated to the centre , should be painted in blue, - an experiment, let us see, if it works! Theme of integrated paintings : after the political chaos deconstruction  /reconstruction of Europe by youngsters ,-  what do we rejects from Brussels , what do we want ? And “new neighbourhood of belarus with ….. ,after the EU entry of Poland, Latvia and Lithuania”