„on the move“ – project posters

Join us ! Participate !

Here the final projectposters,- designed by all six european partners, which where exhibited in art academy Minsk end of 2019

outdoor: playground - project models and design concepts


models for the total playground plot - title "labyrinth"


The first two projects from the labyrinth-concept, started in summer 2019.

The „european bridge“- project was only startet in summer 2019 and could be continued only in summer 2020, when the “officials” , the administration of the Reha centre and the city of Braslaw will have made a soft surface on the ground of the playground. Here also a participation concept: each group is invited to fill one of the frames of the bridge. Others should follow in summer 2020.







the "boat" shows us the way for the summer activities 2020. More of those objects from round wood , the birches, we will need for, we will find directly in the camp area.







other ideas for outside playground projects



  1. inside projects - realized in summer 2019



more ideas - to be realized in future