move III workshops reports

European Youth Camp "on the move III"
13.07. - 27.07.2019 in Minsk and Braslaw / Belarus

B 7 tasks of european partners

B 7.2 Illustrated workshop reports by the workshop leaders

A 4 FORMAT / 2- 3 pages. Here the Teamleaders or participants , who in the beginning of the meeting created ideas and concepts and designed a provisoric workshop- poster and took over the role as workshop -leaders,are now challenged to make a report with sketches and fotos about the project history, their personal experiences in the co-operation with young people of other countries. And the feed back, they got.  So here are the workshop-posters from the beginning:



design guidelines for the workshop - report

the description should have such a structure:

1.title of the project/workshop
2. author/workshop-leader
3.  members of the group
4. idea / concept 
5. location in the participation circle, ...look here : participation circles . copy the right part of the circle grafic, put your project into the sector, where it fits.
6. participation concept: how and where the participants could join their own part- projects to the common design ? Show fotos of the individual details.
7. the creative building process, step by step , illustrated with fotos, the character : working up to a plan or more or less experiment / improvisation ? 
8. the social process: experiences in the co- operation with new/unknown participants from other countries (european dimension)
9. the aesthetic result : final foto , maybe with participants ?  your impression, how it looks ?
10. presentation in the Reha centre and art academy:  feed back / acceptance from the head of the centre and the professors in Minsk
11. the future of your part- project: is it ready to use by the children, or should it be improved / continued  Was it "only a 1:1 -model, which should be "copied" by professional playground builders ?
12. the future of the whole "playground"- project : what do you await from the KAJA -Org ,the Reha-Centre and the district government, that the project will be continued and that in future the whole playground project will be realised ?
13. will you come once again, if realistic chances for finalising the project ?
14. new competences : what kind of informal, intercultural learning outcomes your team and you could achieve in the creative co- operation, othet than experiences in the own academic formal education process ?  Please google concerning what is "informal learning"