2014 workshop berlin

Braslaw 2030 - visions of European young people to develop the youth tourism in the Braslaw - lakes reserve

partners to be invited

Advance Planning Visit in Berlin:
Time: Project period: 01. December 2014 - 31. December 2014
Meeting: December 26, 2014 - December 30, 2014
Location: Berlin, Innsbrucker Str. 25

Participants: 2 young people / team leaders each
Russia / free initiative Vinegret, Moscow
Poland / EDU-ART Org. Suprasl
Belarus / NGO KAJA-East Minsk
Lithuania / Art Students Union Vilnius
Ukraine / Dot UA Lviv
Germany / KAJA West e.V.


summary of the project

The partners from six countries  met in Berlin to develop an exhibition project as a review of the results of the 2014 summer event "Belarus 2030 - open spaces for young european creatives" / Part II with the aim of presenting it in the city hall Braslaw / Belarus.
In the first part, in the summer of 2014, the six partner organizations were challenged in the KAJA Camp in Braslaw / Kolesniki in colorful teams with young creative professionals from the fields of art / sculpture, architecture, communication design, photo / video and wood design.

the challenge

Future Prospects and Strategies for a rural region to develop the district Braslaw in the north of Belarus: The participants were invited to come up with new ideas and use examples from their countries during the meeting: What is an exciting, challenging place to develop future youth tourism projects ? Finally, poster layouts were produced, which, with different "handwritings", express a colorful European diversity in a defined participation framework.