starting projects the rehabilitation-centre Braslaw

 B 1: Playful construction experiment
Before starting the design workshops, the participants should once again consider basic participation principles. This is how a model construction join – in action should be carried out. The task for all six groups is to invent a participation rule, which should then be played through with various wooden model construction materials. With this experimental construction game, all participants have to make a very important intercultural learning experience: to get involved again and again in the „rules of others“, each derived from a different cultural understanding, – as an open, free and democratic process without any prior consultation, what should be set up as a target form, sometimes as a clearly defined task, which form and which size dimensions can be achieved.

After these kick-off activities, attempts should be made to transfer the principles learned in the free or bound combination of the co-design modules to further creative work.


B 2: „Social Design“ – Participation in the aethetic improvement of the Rehabilitation Center Braslaw

B 2.1: Introductory information event / exhibition openingin the Rehabilitation Center Braslaw. Since the group leaders also include participants in the preparatory action „on the move I and II“, they take on the role of facilitator. Their task is to present the results developed in the first part in Berlin, the planning and design framework not only to the participants, but also to the cooperation partners on site, representatives of the administration and guests. For this purpose, the project posters created by the groups in advance are explained in more detail in order to then present in detail all project proposals that have already been developed.

In the following discussion and evaluation with the representatives of the authorities and the director / teachers of the institution, the feasibility of the various project proposals will already be discussed. The subsequent design of the tasks to be carried out in the subsequent design workshops will focus on the consideration of how sketches, such as those already developed in the summer of 2018 (on the move I) with the disadvantaged youth of the institution, will be used for the mural, in the context of another workshop can be linked with the home-youth and included in the implementation planning.

 B 2.2: Overview via metaplan „participation circles“

According to the Participation Circle, designed in the course of the preparatory meeting in Berlin, the participants can orient themselves in several sectors, outline their concrete proposals sketchily in design fields, and thus find competitors who settle their interests in the same field and then together to go to the implementation.