on the move II

humanitary co-operation project "on the move II"
European Youth meeting in Germany

after the meeting: evaluation by project-posters here >>>>>>

partners to be invited

6 – 10 days in the period 01. 11. - 24.12.2018 / organizers in Berlin prefer: from 18.12.2018 on.
Invitation of students from Belarus,Poland, Ukraine and Georgia to continue the meeting "on the move I"  in Germany, visits/workshops in Berlin, Münster (and Halle ?)

partners to be invited: Youth organizations, students organisations at art academies and technical universities as well as special education institutes.
EU Erasmus+/youth in action program supports only NGOs registered in EU Participant Portal(ECAS -account). So state institutes like art academies may not send directly the students.

institutes in the background

Poland:   Poznan Art Academy or Technical university Bialystok. 
Lviv Art Academy or Technical University,

Georgia:  Tbilisi Art Academy
Belarus:  Ino KAJA with participants of the Art Academy Minsk and BNTU
Germany:  KAJA West e.V. with students from from art highschools / - academies/ universities of applied sciences in Berlin, Halle, Münster.

in total: one/two student(s) from Poland/Georgia/Ukraine and four students from Belarus, who will meet germans students at their institutes.


participants profile

 students of the departures product- and graphic design, architecture / interior architecture, civil engineering, sculpture and mural. Additionally some students of special pedagogical disciplines mental development, physical development, learning / emotional and social development, language / emotional and social development are invited to participate.

A g e n d a
Provisional proposal as of 05.October 2018......
Update/specification by 15.November 2018

- create additional design concepts. After informed about the participation - opportunities with help of info-posters the students from Eastern Europe come together in the KAJA -Workshop Berlin to create their own project-proposals , 1. step colored sketches
(exemples of Byelorussian students of "on the move I" here>>>>>>:

-dissemination of participation possibilities
at institutes of German students. Not finally confirmed yet: we plan a round travel to Art Highschool Halle / dep. Design of Playing and Learning as well as Muenster University of Applied Sciences/dep. School of Architecture and Design, get to know the projects of students, related with our project, invite students to participate in the "on the move III"- summer camp 2019, maybe also a "ad hoc -workshop" to collect another impulses, concepts for our project.

- layouts of exhibition posters:
We start with a common "framework"- layout, which should be used for all posters in size 90 cm x 90 cm. The individual content should be elaborated after going home from "on the move II"  till 31.January 2019. We aim at an amount of min. 20 posters, which will be printed and exhibited in Braslaw - together with models - at the beginning of "on the move III" -summercamp 2019.
By this we will also support the participation of Braslaw citizens and specialists of the centre to select the projects, which should have a chance to become realized in 1:1 


- model- buildung workshop
attractive location! sculpture studio of "bbk-kulturwerk"  ( artists union) in Berlin Wedding, which provides excellent conditions for artistic projects in metal, wood, stone, plaster/casting, plastics and ceramics. A 3D laser scanning system is also available.
look here :
Participants decide , in which sector ( wood ? / metal ? ....) they want to work to build first sketch-models in different scales.

- planning the follow-up 2019 "on the move III" - summercamp in Belarus
We hope to see the participants of "on the move II" once again, as teamleaders of their groups/ + 3 other students. So the students have the chance to influence the agenda of
"on the move III" and propose another workshop-themes, independent from the main task to help for the Rehabilitation Centre Braslaw by building first 1:1 - models for the playground and/or play-objects.

-visiting playground-design studio
After finishing the concept-works and building models we should get a first feed back by professional specialists, who have experiences in our project-fields and could give us something like "technology-transfer". So we will visit a playground-design studio in Berlin.

-other program-proposals
Here participating students are invited to make proposals to support the dimension of intercultural/european learning. Touristic activities are not supported!

impressions from the BBK sculpture studio