move III workshop-posters

European Youth Camp "on the move III"
13.07. - 27.07.2019 in Minsk and Braslaw / Belarus


B 7.3 Exhibition - POSTERS: FORMAT 90 X 90 CM FOR EXHIBITION IN THE ART ACADEMY MINSK AND REHA CENTRE BRASLAW. As part of the presentation  in the art academy Minsk at the last days of the meeting we got the proposal from the design-profs to arrange an exhibition at the end of the year 2019. But to get to know, what we would present, they want, that we send them the designs of the posters till of September / beginning of October 2019.

We will join the new posters  ,already made after the last meeting Dec. 2018 in Berlin, look here: „on the move II“ – project posters. So we will take over the framework, main title on the top and the flags of countries/partners on the bottom.

look here : the "empty" framework , which we will modify.

So most workshop-leaders will only be responsible for the content in the middle of the poster.  

 And here once again are the workshop-posters from the beginning, with the project ideas:



other guidelines for the exhibition posters

the posters should have such a structure:

1.title of the project/workshop
2. author/workshop-leader
3.  members of the group
4. idea / concept with sketches
5. location in the participation circle: you are not forced to present the whole "participation circle" , you may present only the sector, to which your project fits



6. the aesthetic result : final foto , grafic, simulation / rendering: where is our playground-object located between the columns of the outside space? 

7. all concepts, which were not realized ( exemple: foto Nr. 15  /playground  2.- level bridge ) should be presented also in quality of project-poster, like it was done during meeting move II, December 2018 in Berlin.

Additional posters:

  • 1. exhibition entry explain the humanitary background, aims and challenges .... helping the disabled children...
  • 2. the making of the video: The concept and fotos of process making the video also on one poster !!!!
  • 3.  funny moments ( for EU -report)
  • 4.  impressions of workshop- processes ( for EU - report)
  • 5.  freetime-nightlife (for EU-report)
  • 6.- XXXX.  others

as much posters as much students participated:  Ukraine team/4 posters,  German team/3 posters, Georgian team/4 posters, Belarussian team/6 posters !