european youth meetings 2018-2019

humanitary co-operation project "on the move"
23.07.2018 - 31.12.2019 in Belarus and Germany

Horizon and motivation: Since 20 years the German-Belorussian organization KAJA has invited art-, architecture- and design students from many eastern and Western European countries to come together for summer-camps in the Belorussian National Park "Braslaw Lake District". In the last years the focus of creative workshops was put on the development of project proposals for the participation of the youth of Europe in the regional development / youth tourism of the Braslaw district. The meetings were support from the EU program "Youth" / Erasmus + and the German federal state "Northrhine-Westfalia".

Actual the local Special Education and Rehabilitation Centre for disabled children and young people in Braslaw proposed KAJA-Org. to invite social engaged and creative students from Poland, Georgia, Ukraine, Germany and Belarus to participate in the further development of the institution and develop new impulses, ideas and designs for some areas of the center.

The project is devided in three parts:

Profile of the rehabilitation center. 
The so called "Braslaw Center for Correction and Development Education and Rehabilitation" is an institution of special education, which contributes to the provision of an integrated system of psychological, medical and pedagogical assistance to persons with psychophysical development peculiarities living in the region. There, the necessary conditions have been created for the education and upbringing of children and young people with severe and multiple mental and physical disabilities, correctional-pedagogical and early comprehensive assistance to children and young people with special psychophysical development.

The project was created taking into account the features of the physical and psychological characteristics of children's development, age and physical parameters (height, weight, etc.) are also taken into account.

"on the move I"
meeting in Belarus

summer 2019 – initial workshops 23.07. - 01.08.2017: Students and project-mangers from KAJA-West /Germany + INO KAJA/ Minsk (inclusive students of art academy Minsk) came togehter with some young people and the director of the center and started the project by collecting the basic conditions for creating the participation concepts. students presenting their project- proposals
about the results >>>>>>>>read more

"on the move II"- meeting in Germany
6 – 10 days in the period 01. 11. - 20.12. 2018
Continue the meeting in Germany, workshops in Berlin, Münster (and Halle ?) invitation of students from Belarus,Poland, Ukraine and Georgia
-dissemination of participation possibilities at institutes of German students
- create additional design concepts
- layouts of exhibition posters
- model- buildung workshop
- visiting playground-design studio
- planning the follow-up "on the move III" - summercamp in Belarus more>>>>>>>

"on the move III"
15 - 20 days in the period 15. 07. - 15.08. 2019
-continue the meeting in Braslaw / Belarus
-KAJA-summercamp with
invitation of students from Belarus,Poland, Ukraine and Georgia
Agenda:  soon