checklist move III engl. version



A Commitment of Organizers

B Tasks for European Guest Groups



1  make sure  travel and stay

A 1.1 Picking up of guests from the train station and escort to the bus station for the purpose of continuing to Braslaw

B 1.1 Valid passport - check validity period


B 1.2  print invitation of INO KAJA Minsk to present at the border


B 1.3 B 1.3 Information on customs regulations Belarus on the Internet

 Zollregelungen Belarus im Internet


A 1.2  organize accommodation in Minsk for one night 14.- 15. 7.  in case of arrival 14.7. in the evening


B 1.4 Visas (Participants: Germany, Poland, Latvia) - please read all information about your stay in Belarus. If necessary, have the required documents certified.


 A 1.3 Org. travel Minsk -Braslaw- Kolesniki (KAJA-Camp) by bus or „marchroute taxi“


A 1.4 additional insurance for guests in Belarus up to 80%

B 1.5 domestic foreign health and accident insurance: needed for entry and stay in Belarus!


B 1.6 Travel Organization Bus, Train, Aircraft: ticket purchase, car route planning


A 1.7 at the end of the meeting: Organization return travel and accommodation 1-2 nights in the dormitory of the art academy


2 CAMP infrastructure and equipment


A 2.1 Obtaining written approval of the camp by the district management with confirmation of concrete support in the area of ​​transport, material and technical equipment

B 2.1 own air mattress and sleeping bag


B 2.2 tent for group or personal


B 2.3 dinnerware: own plate, cup, spoon, knife, fork (knifes for air travelers are provided)


 A.2.2 Construction of camp infrastructure: canopy, kitchen, showers and toilets


B 2.4 Protection against mosquitoes and ticks


A 2.3 A 2.3 Provision of two group tents for groups arriving by plane, e.g. from Georgia


B 2.5 Medicine: personal and  hygiene products, detergents



A 2.4  emergency medicine


A 2.5 washing powder



3 Presentation: National / Regional / Self……


A 3. 1. Six logs for flagstocks

B 3.1 Flagstocks: buy or paint 3-4 flags max 1 x 2 meters national / regional / city / institute or organization


B 3.2 presentation plate 1 x 1 m (the plates with size 1x1 meter are released): presentation own country / region/ organization / special projects, events, "highlights". Collect collage elements at home, prepare and glue together on a 1x1 m plate on the first day of the meeting


A 3.2 six wooden panels 1x1meter for presentation, glue, paper


A 3.3 Painting a banner 1 x 6 meters with title of the action and project logo "on the move" incl. Logos EU promotion + partner


B 3.3 Self-presentation A 4 Format: photo, name, org., work or study background, interests


4 national evenings


 A 4.1 Technique: Beamer / projector / presentation camera / loudspeaker

B 4.1 Ingredients / spices for national table


B 4.2 PPP or video to present your own regional identity (no tourism promotional video!)


B 4.3 Preparation of visual information on regional identity: youth culture, art in the home region. Presentation of own organization / institute / study projects / special projects, events with European influence


B 4.4 Own Performance: Theater, Song, Dance, Sketch


B 4.5 Film / Video: concert rock, jazz, folklore


5 creative workshops A + B


5.1 Tools, machines and materials

5.1 Workshopposter A 3 Format: Area A, B or C (see participation circle). Title, concept, forms of participation, material requirements, construction technology. Minimum one workshop offer + management per team


B 5.2 bring from home: own special artistic - technical tools


B 5.3  send list of material requirements, needed for your workshop,  to KAJA until 5. July 19


6 theoretical workshops


A 6 1Technology: Beamer / Projector / Presentation Camera / Loudspeaker

B 6.1 "Spaces of Play in my Homeland, Europe - and Worldwide": 10 minutes contributions from each team by photos / video / PPP / lecture


B 6.2 rehabilitation centers (analogous to Braslav) in my home country / role of art   / art therapy for the support of disadvantaged children and adolescents


7 evaluation phase from August 19

A 7.1 elaborating certificates such as "Youthpass" and own participation confirmations from KAJA-East Minsk

B 7.1 "day by day" reports with the participation of all participants in the course of the encounter with personal impressions


B 7.2 Illustrated workshop reports by the workshop leaders


A 7.2 Working out of illustrated report for the national EU agency in Germany


B 7.3 Project poster 90 x 90 cm / 4 posters per team, 24 in total to the results of the workshops