"KAJA Competence Passport" and Erasmus + "youthpass"

A 7.1 elaborating certificates such as "Youthpass" and own participation confirmations from KAJA-East Minsk

Testimony: “KAJA Competence Passport" ,  create a universal, ready-to-use document easy to decode by the sending organisations, involved academic institutes and finally labour market, confirming knowledge and skills gained through non-formal learning activities. The main aim is to create and develop the 'Competence Passport' – a certificate/tool to make non-formal learning recognisable.

Such certificate would contribute to the recognition of non-formal learning outcomes and improve one's chances in the labour and education market. The Testimony should be developed in cross-sectoral cooperation of involved NGOs  

All the involved partners should collect questions for a questionary, which should be filled by the participants. On base of the results the “KAJA -Competence Passport” and the “European Youthpass”  could be created.

To learn more about the tool, please look here:

german: https://www.youthpass.eu/de/help/for/youth-initiatives/learn/information/
english: https://www.youthpass.eu/en/recognition/about-recognition/






how to describe competences ?

To start :

  1. Which competences in the field of non-formal education/learning did you acquire by participating in the “on the move III summercamp ?

 Possible answers in general:

_“S_e_l_f_ _c_o_n_f_i_d_e_n_c_e_” _“T_r_a_i_n_e_r_’s_ _s_k_i_l_l_s_” _“P_r_o_j_e_c_t_ _m_a_n_a_g_e_m_e_n_t_” _“L_e_a_d_e_r_s_h_i_p_” _“T_e_a_m_ _w_o_r_k_” _“C_o_m_m_u_n_i_c_a_t_i_o_n_ _s_k_i_l_l_s_” _“I_n_t_e_r_c_u_l_t_u_r_a_l_ _s_k_i_l_l_s_” _“L_a_n_g_u_a_g_e_ _s_k_i_l_l_s_” _“U_n_d_e_r_s_t_a_n_d_i_n_g_ _t_h_e_ _o_t_h_e_r_s_” _“A_n_ _o_p_e_n_ _m_i_n_d_” _“C_u_r_i_o_s_i_t_y_” _“A_c_k_n_o_w_l_e_d_g_i_n_g_ _d_i_f_f_e_r_e_n_t_ _c_u_l_t_u_r_e_s_” _“A_c_c_o_u_n_t_i_n_g_ _s_k_i_l_l_s_” _“N_e_t_w_o_r_k_i_n_g_” _“C_o_n_f_l_i_c_t_ _m_a_n_a_g_e_m_e_n_t_ _s_k_i_l_l_s_” _“D_y_n_a_m_i_c_s_ _o_f_ _c_h_a_n_g_e_” _“P_r_e_s_e_n_t_a_t_i_o_n_ _s_k_i_l_l_s_” _“H_u_m_a_n_ _r_e_s_o_u_r_c_e_s_ _m_a_n_a_g_e_m_e_n_t_”

After we got results like this, be should make the second step: looking for concrete answers concerning

  • competences in the process of “aesthetic learning” , “ creative humanitary help”  
  • differences between competences in the formal education process at universities and in the informal / intercultural learning process during the KAJA -summer camp
  • by participating in "my" workshop...very concrete description, for exemple: what I learnt by working with wood, ...never done before, in the communication with german professional youngsters
  • by participating in the national evenings
  • ........theoretical / educational evenings " playgrounds in my country" / " rehabilitation centers in my country" , especial role of art in supporting the children