2020 – 21 on the move V – Razam

Move V meeting in Berlin/Germany

  1. Advance Planning Visit / 2 days in time 26. - 31. Dec. 2020
  2. youth meeting in April 2021 

creative workshops

First impuls,  only general theme orientation : Art and......./ the role of art concerning  
1. revolution in Belarus,
2. Corona,
3. clima change.

Interested participants from Belarus, Latvia, Poland and Germany are invited to send us there proposals till 15. of September 2020. We will need the ideas for the application of a grant from the Youth Ministry / German Federal state Nordrhein-Westfalen. 

location, where we will work once again: sculpture studio of German Artists Union Berlin  https://www.bbk-kulturwerk.de/kulturwerk/bildhauerwerkstatt 


Profile of participants

  • Students of Faculty of Audio-Visual Media Art: Visual Communication department
  • Students of Faculty of Visual Arts: Graphic Art department

Excursions in Berlin:  The programme in Berlin will focus less on tourist places and more on the targeted search for places where the topic of climate change can be visibly dealt with in public space. In addition, organisations, associations and climate initiatives that have dedicated themselves to the task of organising special creative actions in this area are to be visited. 

The following initiatives have already been contacted and asked about a possible meeting at the end of 2020:

1. Upcycling future lab Berlin-Pankow: innovative meeting workshop in the context of climate protection topics. The aim is to promote exchange between newcomers and people who have been living in the neighbourhood for a longer period of time. The concept combines approaches from "Maker Spaces" ,repair cafes with environmental education and intercultural work

2. Sustainability Labs: Citizens* and initiatives that have an impact at the neighbourhood level are to be brought together in a "climathon" and networked with each other in a sustainable manner. The aim is to jointly develop innovative, sustainable and implementable solutions for climate protection at neighborhood level.

3. hikk local - climate protection active: provider of workshops, qualifications and networking activities around Reuse-Upcycling-Repair workshops, especially with a focus on the reuse of wood as a building material.

Here a bridge shall be built to the above mentioned summer project "Refugium - escape room", the reuse of waste wood for the construction of youth tourism accommodations in Braslaw. Therefore, this initiative shall already be recruited for participation and support of "on the move" - Part I in Belarus.

on the move VI summer camp in Belarus

plans for 2020 not realized because of Corona....we plan to restart in summer 2021

European art- , architecture- and design project "on the move VI"
Part 1: youth camp 18. – 31. July 2021  in Belarus
-Locations: Minsk and Braslaw/Kolesniki. http://kajawest.de/camp-braslaw
- groups: art students and young professional wooddesigners from Germany, Latvia and Belarus
-participants: 7 young people from Germany, 3 young people from Latvia, 7 young people from Belarus (20-25 years) + one teamleader of each group, in total 20 persons.







Art as form of intercultural meeting and informal learning. The artistic forms and products such as participatory community paintings, poster series, building models and sculptures should be based refer to the following topic background:


  1. Current priority "Uprising in Belarus"

- Participation of young people from the partner organization KAJA-Ost / Minsk in the protests against election fraud and subsequent repression such as arrests and torture. Media-supported reports from "first hand"

- Support activities in Latvia, Poland and Germany ( and Europe in general) primarily from the youth sector

- “Protest art” - artistic formats for the visualization of political messages



  1. Art and Corona

- Review of previous experience. The participants are challenged to face the personal consequences of the Corana crisis:

- generally for your own life planning

- for your professional perspective

- Especially for your own art projects

- Opportunities for a different, better future that will open up with government support from the economy

- No going back to the decadence before the Covid-19 Pademie

- Hopes of environmental activists for a faster changeover

  1. Art and clima changeTesting art as a form of intercultural meeting that takes into account the differences in the participating countries in the acceptance of man-made climate change: In Germany "mainstream", in Eastern Europe often doubted and ignored.

    It is important to find courageous participants who will join the global field of creative young people who are fighting for their future with new forms of protest and ideas for reducing CO2 emissions.


    Against this horizon the topics of the workshop "Art and Climate":

    poster series 
    -conception of the exhibition concept and framework planning, 
    -especially on the role of youth + art in education and visualisation
    - the consequences of climate change with forms such as guerrilla art actions, art in demonstrations, performances of "civil disobedience" up to the crossing of borders beyond the rights of freedom, e.g. actions of "Extinction Rebellion".
    - More positive, creative approaches and ideas, as in the future labs worldwide (also in Belarus and Russia ?) to limit the rise in temperature

    - the own action orientation through the change - fears of the future, challenges and chances, as the participants expect for themselves.

  2. free themes

Concrete ideas form participants to implement the themes:





Workshop proposals

Humanitary horizon: The series of meetings "on the move" is embedded in a long-term project for the sustainable support of  the rehabilitation centre for disadvantaged children and young people in Braslav/Belarus. First steps to improve the situation of the children were already made in summer 2019.

Once again we invite to take part in a summer-camp in Braslaw-Kolesniki to continue the "social designs" - playground objects for the rehabilitation center Braslav.


I Social design

Project I1:  "European bridge" : a bridge element to be suspended between two piers, which is to open up further platforms
Project I2: „European houses“: small children's playhouses to be placed on the platforms of the “labyrinth” – playroom spot. For each participating country one children-house! “house Belarus”, “house Germany”, “house Latvia”……………..
Project I3. "the beaver" - a climbing play sculpture

All these and other spontaneously emerging ideas should be given priority due to the participatory dimension that all participants participate with individual co-design modules.


Profile of participants

1.students from Design- faculties:
- Functional Design department/Product Design:  all playobjects for the playground to enlarge the diversity of offers for the children ( exemple: “the boat”)
Interior Design ( the playground is not outside, but under a cover , connection of two parts of a building): complete concept developing the “labyrinth”-theme of the playground

2. Students of Technical schools:
- Young people, who learn professional contructing and building with wood or already work in private companies.

the "boat" -pilot project for playground-projects
the "boat" -pilot project for playground-projects

The groups from 1. and 2. are challenged to co-operate.

the spot for the playground between the columns
the spot for the playground between the columns
summer 19: experimental building performance on the spot of the future playground

II: "Refugium - escape room", the reuse of waste wood for the construction of youth tourism accommodations in Braslaw. Challenge: developing the KAJA – camp to a youth-touristic offer ! Here we invite to improve the local sitation, that participants are not forced any more to sleep in tents. On the spot – a former little village- are some former barns, which could be upcycled, so that participants may meet, work and sleep in these house. A first step to develop a low cost youth touristic offer.

Here some impressions -  one of the KAJA houses with barn and sauna directly located at the banks of the Ikasin lake

Profile of participants

1.students from Design-faculties:
- Interior Design: complete concepts developing former farm-houses to youth touristic offers
2. Students of Technical schools:

- Young people, who learn professional contructing and building with wood or already work in private companies.

The groups from 1. and 2. are challenged to co-operate.